Technical Specifications

Our full size F1 simulator provides a stunningly realistic representation of a Formula 1 car combined with the latest in simulation technology.

Built by a company based at Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix,this which has the experience of building show cars for most of the current Formula 1 teams.

The company’s expertise enables our simulator to be the most realistic and visually accurate on the market. The full size simulator is fitted with components to provide the closest possible recreation of a Formula 1 car. The simulator also uses genuine F1 wheels and tyres, further adding to the realism of the F1 simulator.

Standard Features

  • Generic F1 Fibreglass car with carbon floor top.

  • Slick tyres on refurbished genuine Ex F1Team Rims.

  • Steel suspension with carbon effect coating.

  • F1 replica carbon fibre steering wheel with paddle shift, LED readout and functioning buttons.

  • BSE 2011 servo motor steering box with strong force feedback.

  • Built-in sound system.

  • Metal Pedals on powered adjustable mounting.

 The Steering System

The steering system gives precision control, powerful realistic force feedback and reliability.  The carbon fibre steering wheel is complete with LED display readout, functional gear paddles and push button controls.

F1 Simulator Wheel

The Pedal system

Our simulator has a realistic and reliable Formula One style pedal system with force feedback technology, giving the driver a realistic feel when using the accelerator and brake. The pedals are mounted on to an electronically adjustable plate to accommodate drivers of all sizes.

Audio Sound System.

The simulator is fitted with a superb surround sound system and rumble pack to give a fully immersive driving experience. We know how much you love the sound of those engines!  It has volume control when required so it does not interfere with nearby activities.

Lap Times

Jack Milner        1:36

Martyn Oakley     1:37

Jordan Summersgill 1:42

Jamie Allan        1:47

Emma Gooch Worley 1:51

Nick Wheeler        1:54

Louis Oakley        1:55

The Ultimate Attraction


We offer a personalised service by bringing the simulator to you and setting it up for optimum performance. We are attentive to your guests ensuring they have a fantastic time. Contact us to find out more about our services and prices.

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